Licence To Kill

On to the second and the more vexing of the Dalton 007 flicks, he’s got a License To Kill oh wait no it’s been revoked how could that have happened they’ve usually been pretty lenient before, The Opening It’s literal hi-jinks as James Bond and his good CIA buddy Felix Leiter are on their way […]

The Living Daylights

And thus we begin the short but sweet stint of Timothy Dalton as 007, as he punches out The Living Daylights. (NB: Before I proceed, for another take on the film, do check out Eamon Hamilton’s <a href=””> Send My Regards To Dalton</a>.) The Opening Bond and a bunch of his double-oh mates are sent […]

A View To A Kill

After that little diversion off to the side, it’s time to return to the Old Firm as the tyranny of Roger Moore’s smirk comes to an end. We bring you the fabulous A View To A Kill! The Opening Perhaps trying to recapture the ice magic of The Spy Who Loved Me‘s prelude, we come […]

Never Say Never Again

Anyway, onto Never Say Never Again. An interesting exercise in how much you can flog the Bond brand and still have it pass. This one isn’t in the comprehensive Bond box that I’ve been working my way through, and it’s not exactly easy to find on disc elsewhere, but anyway, I ponied up to watch […]


It’s time to revisit the dubious charms of Octopussy. Halfway there! The Opening Bond, ever the imperialist running dog, causes havoc somewhere in Central America, buzzing around in some kind of collapsible jet, and luring a heatseeking missile to blow up a hangar for some reason. None of this is adequately explained, although some guy […]

For Your Eyes Only

Nearly halfway! Again, this is another film I hadn’t seen much of – even though some parts seemed familiar, I can only draw a blank when I think of For Your Eyes Only, perhaps because it’s stuck in between two of the more, how shall I put it, “spectacular” instalments. The Opening Bond lays some […]


Yeeaah, Moonraker. PEW PEW PEW PEW PEW PEW. This one has perhaps the oddest reputation of the series, which is saying a lot, but it’s the late 70s, so it’s time to head out of this world. The Opening The UK is borrowing an American space shuttle (let’s face it, they could never build one […]

The Spy Who Loved Me

Right, onto The Spy Who Loved Me. I remember this with no small amount of affection as being a good one. But in the context of my viewing run, I was very interest in reappraising it to see if it still stacked up against the early ones. The Opening There’s a bit going on here, […]

The Man With The Golden Gun

My knowledge of The Man With The Golden Gun is pretty strange, as I usually flick onto broadcasts during the third act, when it seems like it’s a pretty decent Bond film. Having not made myself watch the whole thing, there were some surprises in store – and not all of them were nice. The […]

Live And Let Die

Finally, we enter the Roger Moore period, for better or for worse. His first gig, Live and Let Die is a pretty weird one too, with a some tweaks from the established formula, but already with firm indications of the tone the series will be taking with Moore as 007. The Opening Bond’s reveal is […]